Largest Roof Municipal Solar Array in Ohio Generating Power for the City of Columbus

 Tipping Point CEO Eric Zimmer in front of a small part of the City of Columbus Fleet Maintenance Building solar array

Tipping Point CEO Eric Zimmer in front of a small part of the City of Columbus Fleet Maintenance Building solar array

Tipping Point Renewble Energy is proud to have been instrumental in bringing to fruition  the solar array on the Columbus Division of Fleet Managment's Fleet Maintenance Building on Groves Road.  The array consist of 2,650 solar panels that will produce almost half of the building's electricity needs.

Tipping Point was the original developer of the project which is now owned by General Energy Solutions.  GES, owns and operates the system, and sells electricity to the City at a rate lower than their current electricity costs.   

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Solar By Soldiers Program Launched at Press Conference with U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown

Columbus, Ohio -- (August 8, 2011) --  Following is the text of the statement made by Tipping Point Renewable Energy Founder / CEO Eric Zimmer at the press conference with U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown and the owner of the Flannagan’s of Dublin, David Straub at the launch of Tipping Point’s Solar By Soldiers© program.

Thank you Senator Brown.  

Today, we are officially launching a program that is near and dear to our hearts here at Tipping Point.  

When Tipping Point was founded just two years ago, we had a goal to improve our communities by using renewable energy. One of the things we have done is to make a commitment that we will use veterans to carry out our projects whenever possible.  

We want to make sure that as our veterans return home they are able to find good work in a growing field. We passionately feel, as Senator Brown does, that these heroes should not be worrying about where they are going to work and how they are going to feed their families after serving our country. 

With that in mind, we created the Solar by Soldiers program to formalize our commitment and to provide a framework within which we will provide training in green energy job skills to veterans, not just for our projects, but for the clean energy industry throughout Ohio.

Solar is currently the fastest growing industry in the United States. In tough economic times clean energy is a way to create jobs in both manufacturing and installation of these important technologies. Continued federal and state investment is key to this growth. I want to thank the federal government and the State of Ohio for investments they have made in clean energy in the past and urge them to consider extending and enhancing those programs.

We have over 20 million dollars worth of projects right here in central Ohio that we are working to launch to help create more jobs for these very worthy heroes.

I especially commend Senator Brown for his support of the Hiring Heroes Act to ensure that veterans are ready to re-enter the job market after their service. Also, his legislation to expand and improve the Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credit will help to continue the trend toward grid parity for solar energy.

I’d like to thank David Straub and Flannagan’s for making this all possible by making the commitment to using clean, safe solar energy to power his business.  David can tell you this for himself, but he made the decision to proceed with the project because solar energy does work in Ohio.  This project makes good economic sense in addition to benefitting the environment and the veterans involved in its construction.  

The solar array that you are looking at today will be generate about half of the annual electric requirements of Flannagan’s. Once the initial investment for this project is recovered in a few short years, the solar array will generate about half of Flannagan’s electricity for free for the next 25 or 30 years. Not only that, but the solar array will protect Flannagans from future electric rate increases that will inevitably come.

Finally, Id like to thank Daniel Hutchinson with Ohio Combat Veterans.  Daniel worked closely with us in the early stages of the Solar by Soldiers program to develop the vision for our program.  Although he couldn’t be here today, we thank him for his efforts and look forward to working with him and his organization as we continue to grow the Solar by Soldiers program.

Now, I’d like to introduce David Straub, owner of Flannagan’s and our host today for a his comments.

For more information on Tipping Point Renewable Energy, the Solar by Soldiers Program, or the solar array at Flannagan’s of Dublin contact Will Kenworthy at 614-321-3335 or  Additional information is availble at Tipping Point’s website: