When Will Natural Gas Pass Coal in Electricity Generation?

As was widely noted when it happened, in April 2012, generation of electricity from natural gas very nearly passed coal as the number one energy source for production of electricity in the US.   In that month, coal-fired plants produced only 4.5 million megawatt hours of electricity than natural-gas fired plants.  

This "aberation" was quickly forgotten when the difference grew through the end of 2012.  However, the graph we have prepared using Department of Energy data (Source: Department of Energy Electric generator capacity data (Form EIA-860) Link ) shows that although the difference between the sources grew, the trend clearly continues.

What does this mean for consumer of electricity and gas?  Although the supply of gas in the United States continues to grow, demands on gas supplies for electric generation will also continue as more and more coal-fired plants are retired over the next decade.