Clean Power Plan: We Can Do This

On September, Tipping Point Renewable Energy participated in the Northern Ohio Energy Management Seminar, presented by the Ohio Manufacturers' Education Council.


First, Tipping Point Renewable Energy Founder and CEO Eric Zimmer participated in a panel discussion on a range of energy issues in the keynote panel entitled "Ohio's Energy Renaissance: The Path to a Stronger Ohio Economy." Zimmer joined representatives from FirstEnergy, the American Municipal Power, and the Industrial Energy Users of Ohio.

On the issue of SB 310, the bill recently enacted into law in Ohio that rolls back energy efficiency and renewable energy requirements, Zimmer was clear:

Eric Zimmer, founder and CEO of Tipping Point Renewable Energy, based in Dublin, Ohio, said SB 310 was completely unnecessary.
Demand for electricity has declined, he said, because of the industrial energy efficiency upgrades. But, agreeing with Ridmann, he said that cost caps should be part of any further tinkering by lawmakers just in case Ridmann's $5 billion cost estimates turn out to be accurate.
Zimmer reminded listeners that utilities, like auto makers, have consistently fought environmental and efficiency regulations, but ultimately have been able to meet or exceed them. 

(Excerpted from Energy efficiency should be "customer driven," says FirstEnergy executive, defending the company's efforts to dismantle state efficiency rules on

Zimmer urged the audience not to shy away from initiatives to improve the environment and help businesses use energy more efficiently,

"There is a lot of hand wringing... but when we put our attention on solving the problem versus litigating the problem we are able to make a lot of progress," Zimmer told the group.