TPRE CEO Eric Zimmer Touts Clean Energy Jobs at Energy Conference

Tipping Point CEO Eric Zimmer spoke at the Northern Ohio Energy Management Conference on September 26th on behalf of the Advanced Energy Economy Ohio and Tipping Point. In his comments, Zimmer defended the state requirement that electric utilities secure a small amount of their electricity from renewable energy.

 Like most discussions on energy in Ohio over the past year, the focus of the meeting was on the future of shale gas resources that have been under intensive  development in Ohio.    Among all the hoopla over shale gas, the conference did  consider a number of issues related to electricity prices in a panel on which Zimmer participated.

According to the article by the Cleveland Plain Dealer,

Eric Zimmer, with the Advanced Energy Economy, a group advocating both renewable and advanced energy technologies, said new competitive suppliers coming into the state are looking to bundle renewable energy with other, more traditional sources of power.
Zimmer argued that energy efficiency is still the cheapest energy option "that can only make us stronger." And energy efficiency mandates create jobs, he said.
"Secondly, right now there are 25,000 jobs in the Ohio economy involved with energy efficiency," he argued.  Cleveland Plain Dealer

For more information on Ohio's advanced energy requirements or to learn more about saving money and controlling energy expenses with renewable energy, contact Tipping Point.