Solar panels to save $1,000 per month

Tipping Point Renewable Energy is please to announce the commissioning of a 47.84 KWe solar photovoltaic installation for Wepuko Pahnke Engineering LP in Springfield, Ohio.

According to Springfield based Wepuko Pahnke Engineering LLC it used a federal grant to help complete a solar panel system that could save the business close to $1,000 a month in energy costs. The manufacturers of pumps and presses finished building a solar panel array of about 200 panels that could generate almost 56,700 kilowatts a year to power its operations on Urbana Road.

The Springfield News-Sun reported on the story:

Wepuko Pahnke office manager Kelly Eichelberger said “Last week, contractors were here doing the final prep work for the system panels to track the usage of the electricity. The electrician was here and they were getting the actual final inspection. We are approved and up and running.”

The 50 kilowatt panels will provide energy for Wepuko Pahnke’s four buildings and remaining power will be sold back to their electric company, First Energy, or sold as energy through Ohio’s Solar Renewable Energy Certificates program.

Eichelberger said that Wepuko Pahnke could end up earning $21,542 on average a year from selling excess energy, based on a sales rate of 38 cents per kilowatt last week. The price of energy fluctuates daily, much like the stock market. This project has been ongoing since 2010.

He also added that “We’ve been working on this project for about a year but we couldn’t finalize it because we didn’t get any more state grants, we got a federal grant instead.”

The grant, for $65,285, will be reimbursed to the company within 60 days of the final payment for the project. The entire project, which cost $217,000, was conducted by Tipping Point Renewable Energy, based in Dublin, Ohio.

Tipping Point CEO  Eric Zimmer said “Solar energy works today in Ohio, and Wepuko shows that a company can install solar energy and do it for economic reasons, has a good pay back, they’re saving money, being green and helping provide jobs for unemployed vets.”

Zimmer  also said that Tipping Point installed the solar array as part of their Solar for Soldiers program, where they train unemployed veterans – five veterans worked on the Wepuko Pahnke project – to install solar panels as a way to provide a career path for them.