Columbus CEO Magazine Article on Renewable Energy

Columbus CEO Magazine recently did a feature article on renewable energy in Central Ohio.  Tipping Point CEO Eric Zimmer was quoted several times throughout the article, including this nugget:

The bigger challenge: "We have very low [conventional] power costs here," lessening the incentive to seek other sources, says Eric Zimmer, CEO of Dublin-based Tipping Point Renewable Energy.

Cost also hampers adoption: Not everyone can afford a solar array. Third-party agreements are a popular option, especially for entities such as school districts and government that may lack the upfront capital and don't get the tax benefits to make renewable projects affordable. Under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), a developer pays to purchase, operate and maintain the system on property owned by a business, school or government. The host typically agrees to buy the system's energy output, generally at a discount over conventional utilities. Tax credits and RECs may be used by the developer to defray the system's cost.

Zimmer says government and schools are particularly well-suited to participation in PPAs. "They plan long term, they know the buildings are going to be there for the long term, they have good credit," he says.

Check out the full article for a really well-done summary of where we stand now.