Not New, But New To Me: DP&L Info Page on Yankee Road Solar Array

Since large-scale solar is a fairly new phenomenon in Ohio, we spend a lot of time helping clients and potential clients to understand what a solar array looks like and feels like. After all, the decision to install a solar array means a decision to live with it for quite some time.

We happen to think that a solar array is a beautiful thing, even aesthetically. In addition, it's a badge of honor to make a statement about a community's values and (for our customers at least) commitment to saving money for their stakeholders.

Anyway, I was preparing some information for a client on what a solar array looks like and came across this page on Dayton Power & Light's website about their Yankee Road Solar Array.

I haven't actually seen this before and was very impressed by the info that they have made available. The "Solar Array Construction Video" gives a great look into the construction process for their 1.1 Megawatt solar array.

Well done DP&L.