Energy Usage Stack 

Month by month September 2012 through January 2014

Average Hourly Load

This shows the average hourly load using all the data from the past year and a half.  Food preparation at the bottom.

Total Power

Demand charges are driven by total load for a 15 minute period.  This shows that there are very few hours the past year and a half where total power exceeds 24 KWh.  Each KW of demand is roughly $6 under the current tarriff.

Biggest Energy Users When Closed

These are the biggest energy users when the store is closed. This analysis only goes back to August 2013 to exclude a couple of items (North Wall Receptacle(?) and the air conditioner unit).

This enables us to calculate the cost of leaving things on.  For example, the Expresso Machine consumer 1,198 KWh during closed hours since August.  At an average rate of $0.08/KWh, that means it has cost just over $95 since August.